Ear Infections and Chiropractors

Can your Chiropractor help with ear infections?  While chiropractic treatment is intended to restore normal body function, the restoration can address a variety of issues.  Gently adjusting the spine has a trickle down effect over the body.  These gentle manipulations improve the function of the nervous system.  When your nervous system functionality is improved, the functionality of systems in the body will improve, muscular, circulatory, digestive, hormonal etc.  Chiropractors can safely address ear infections and help to reduce or eliminate any further infections.

Ear infections are one of the most common reason for visits to the pediatrician. Many times ear infections will occur repeatedly, requiring round after round of antibiotics or even surgery, invasive and expensive solutions.  Billions of dollars annually are spent on surgically treating otitis, the infection or inflammation of the ear.

Otitis media, an ear infection, is a complication of the common cold.  It develops once the resistance to infection has been lowered.  Your resistances can be lowered in a variety of ways, emotional or physical stress, mental duress, even poor diet.  Germs can move from the sinus cavities to the ear by the eustachian tube and begin growing.

When you are healthy the middle ear is well ventilated, but when you are sick and the eustachian tube is clogged, the middle ear can become perfect environment for germs to multiply.  Allergies can interfere with the eustachian tube, as well as pollen, dust, smoke, and animal dander.

Children are especially prone to ear infections during a cold because their eustachian tube is immature and soft and becomes clogged more easily.  Poor alignment in the cervical spine can prevent the eustachian tubes from draining well, particularly in children.

In tests more than 90% of patients with otitis media who were treated with chiropractic care improved.  Chiropractic care is non invasive and safe for children and adults.  The process is gentle and has widespread benefits.

Most children that suffer from ear infections are under the age of 6.  Two years old seems to be the most common age for ear infections.  Symptoms include pain and discomfort, drainage, difficulty sleeping and fever.  Since young children often can not communicate the issue clearly, look for signs of trouble if you think that your child may be developing an ear infection.

If your child is frequently rubbing their ears they may be responding to the feeling of pressure and discomfort associated with an ear infection.  They may have a hard time hearing, or suffer from dizziness.  Children may have a harder time maintaining balance while they have an ear infection.

Be sure that you are making an informed choice if your child suffers from frequent ear infections.  Antibiotics and eventually tubes are not your only options.  Tubes may be associated with hearing loss down the road.  The overuse of antibiotics also has risks, children may develop resistances to antibiotics, and they can have side effects like diarrhea.  Chiropractic treatment may eliminate the problem, or reduce the frequency of ear infections without the invasiveness of tubes and side effects of antibiotics.

If you or your loved one are suffering from an ear infection call our office.  We want to help you heal in a natural, side-effect free way.