Don’t Put the World on Your Shoulders


Shouldering the weight of something is a common idiom referring to carrying a heavy burden or taking a huge portion of responsibility, but there’s a reason the shoulders are used to talk about heavy topics. The shoulders are often used as symbols of strength, and much of the power in the upper body comes from the muscles in the shoulders.

Even though shoulders are powerful and robust, shoulder pain is a prevalent problem that sends people to the chiropractor- it can be caused by a variety of reasons; however, in most cases, shoulder injury and pain can be avoided altogether by practicing methods of reducing the risk of damage and improving strength through regular exercise. Thankfully, when shoulder pain and injury aren’t avoidable, they are usually treatable by chiropractic assistance.

Shoulder Pain Causes

The shoulder joint itself is extremely complex, and the muscles surrounding the joint are numerous and work closely together to facilitate a broad range of motion. Shoulder pain can be caused by injury, deterioration, or strains to the joint or accompanying muscles. A common shoulder issue that chiropractors see is damage from an imbalance due to poor posture. The muscles in the shoulder become strained and tight from having to adjust, and this can create symptoms ranging from the rounding of shoulders to intense pain.

More causes of shoulder pain include damage to the nerves in the neck and shoulder, damage to the rotator cuff (a group of muscles that allows for proper movement), and a condition known as ‘frozen shoulder’ which is caused by the irritation of ligaments and tendons near the joint creating adhesions, essentially freezing or sticking the shoulder joint in one position. Most shoulder injuries and the pain associated with them are rather intense and require a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation period, but when they are caught early with the help of a chiropractor, one can usually fully recover.

Prevention is The Best Medicine

In many cases of shoulder pain and injury, the issue could have been avoided by proper preventative measures. The best way to keep your shoulders healthy is by ensuring you have good posture and continue moving and stretching throughout the day to ensure your body does not become tight and stiff. In addition to healthy posture and stretching, exercise can be a very good way to keep shoulder pain at bay.

While exercise can be very helpful, it is important to ensure that you don’t overdo it, so speak with your chiropractor if you need help knowing what exercises could benefit you and which ones to avoid. All people have different exercise and health needs but understanding your own body through the assistance of a chiropractor can help you stay healthy and pain-free for longer!

Relief and Remedies

If you suffer from shoulder pain, there are many options for relief. Visiting your general practitioner would be the first step, they will help you to understand your options which may include visiting a chiropractor. If you already have a chiropractor, or your doctor suggests one, you can give them a call or schedule an appointment to understand which specialized treatments may be available to you.

A chiropractor will work with you to treat the pain through targeted stretches, exercises, and specific chiropractic methods such as a soft tissue massage and electrotherapy. It is important to work with and communicate with your chiropractor to ensure your treatment is effective and provides the most expedient recovery possible.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let yourself shoulder the burden of shoulder pain alone. Speak with your doctor today about preventative methods or treatments for shoulder pain depending on your needs. Having an open and honest conversation is the first step to recovery, and by following the exercise and recovery guidelines set by your chiropractor, reduced pain and increased range of motion are possible to achieve!