Don’t Be So Cold- Warming Up for Winter Exercise

It’s cold, but your fitness plans don’t have to lose their fire! You may not be a frequent gym-goer and that’s completely okay, but it’s a very good idea to stay active even when the weather gets too cold to venture outdoors. Staying active at a level that’s sustainable for you will help you to remain flexible, strong, and injury free, and this is especially important in the winter when you head outdoors and face the challenges of the snow and cold!

Work it Out

Working out is different for everyone. Some people choose to lift massive weights at the gym, others run, some people work out at home or do yoga! There are plenty of options for improving your fitness no matter where you are starting from. Whether you are old, young, big, small, fit, or not, you can always improve and make sure your body is at its peak performance. Having a regular fitness routine and making your body stronger over time can help you to stay flexible and prevent injury in the long term as strengthened muscles help to support your joints and bones which reduces the pressure they may be subjected to in regular use and in dangerous situations like slips and falls.

Staying Fit in the Winter

So, staying fit is important, but how can you stay fit when it’s nearly impossible to go outside without freezing up? Thankfully, we live in the 21st century, and there are a multitude of home fitness options to explore: some of the best ways to keep fit during the winter include taking an online yoga class, running on a treadmill, walking up and down your stairs, doing bodyweight exercises, and/or stretching regularly.

Also, if you need more information on workouts or staying healthy during the winter for your fitness level, a quick search online can provide you with great answers from people in a similar situation as yourself. It is incredibly crucial to note that while you are exploring online, you should not perform any exercises that will overreach your ability. Knowing yourself and your capability will help you prevent injuries and continue your happy, healthy fitness journey. If you need more information or would simply like to know how workouts will affect your body and which ones would be most beneficial, it would be a great idea to contact your primary healthcare provider or chiropractor!

Spice it Up Like Gingerbread

Winter is here, and that means the holidays are near! The holidays bring great food, great family time, but that means there is likely not a lot of time for yourself. Even in these high-volume times, taking a few minutes to stretch, get your heartrate up and improve your health will greatly pay off in the long run. Exercising regularly in a way that your medical provider approves of will ensure that you feel better, look better, and are better prepared to face cold weather.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with your health is one of the best things you can do for yourself to maintain your quality of life or even improve it. If you are unsure about creating a fitness plan or are experiencing pain that may prevent you from starting one, it would be a wonderful idea to contact your primary healthcare or chiropractor and they can suggest strengthening exercises appropriate for your fitness level. We at North County Pain Relief wish you the best of luck on your health and fitness journey, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in managing your pain and creating a plan to improve your health!