Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Headaches are awful; most people suffer from them at some point in their lives.  You may feel pain behind your eyes, in part of your head or a pounding throughout your head.  Some people suffer from nausea associated with this pain.  Some people suffer for hours or days.  A few headaches can be caused by serious causes like a blood clot or tumor, but many of these headaches can be treated with chiropractic adjustments.

Tension (or stress) headaches are by far the most common, affecting more than three quarters of all people who suffer from headaches.  The stress headache usually forms slowly, usually in the middle or toward the end of the work day, and can be short lived or last for days.  Typically the discomfort is described as a dull, constant ache on one or both sides of the head.  It can feel like your head is in a vice, and sometimes there will be pressure behind the eyes.  These headaches do not typically cause nausea or vomiting, and are not typically described as throbbing.

Tension headaches are often caused by subluxations (a slight misalignment or partial dislocation) in the neck and upper back.  We can address the misalignments that can cause these headaches. Dr. Elsey can adjust your neck and back to help relieve pressure and help treat the cause of the pain.

Poor posture and stress are contributors to stress headaches.  Those who have suffered a whiplash injury are at risk to suffer from these headaches and in some cases the chronic headaches can last for months.  IT is always important to come in for an evaluation if you have been in a car accident, whiplash is common in accidents that may seem small, including collisions at less than 10 miles per hour.

Chiropractic care to address a headache has many advantages over simply using commonly prescribed medications.  You are treating the cause of the headache, not the symptom.  You are helping to remove the issue, and therefore are helping to prevent future headaches.  There are fewer side effects and you will receive a longer relief period using chiropractic care to treat tension headaches.

We want to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. It is silly to live with a problem that can be dealt with!  Everyone is unique, each situation is a little different, and we will make a thorough evaluation before we begin treatment.  Usually great improvements can be gained by adjustments to the upper two cervical vertebrae and junction between the thoracic and cervical spine. This can often help to treat migraine headaches as well, as long as you avoid lifestyle and food triggers.