Car Accidents – Think Ahead, Part 1


There is a good chance that you will be involved in a car accident at some point in your life.  With something like six million accidents each year in the United States, it is a good idea to be as prepared as you can be in case you find yourself in a collision.  

Be Prepared

Your cupholders may seem to be magnets for spare change and you glovebox probably has napkins left from a fast food restaurant, but taking the time to put a few specific items in your car could have a great impact, possibly even the difference between life or death.

Put a pen and a small notebook in your glovebox, after any accident you are going to need to trade information, as well as make notes about the situation, the damage, and if there were any witnesses.  It is also important to document the damage, and while you will probably use your phone, a disposable camera isn’t a bad idea.

Having road flairs will give you a way to make other drivers aware of your presence and will help to keep you safe after the accident.  Carry a medical card that has any allergies as well as your emergency contacts.  Carry a flashlight.

Backup phone chargers are fairly inexpensive, keeping one in your glovebox may come in handy.  You should have a first aid kit as well.  The final item is a combo seat belt cutter and window breaking tool.  This can make the difference between life and death.  There are a million and one options, including tools that will clip on to your keyring.

The Aftermath

Even with a low speed collision your body is going to be in fight or flight mode, adrenaline is going to be released, and your muscles will be on high alert.  Your heart rate will accelerate, your blood pressure will rise, and your breathing rate will increase.  This isn’t the time you want to be wishing that you could find a pen, or finding out that your phone has died and you don’t have a charger.  Take the time now to plan ahead.

It is important to have a professional evaluate your injuries right after the accident, it doesn’t matter if you feel like you have been hurt or not.  The same chemicals that help us deal with stressful situations can mask the pain of potentially serious injuries.  And unfortunately, insurance companies may not want to recognize your injuries if you take weeks or months to have the issue addressed.

Have a post accident plan.  Come in to the North County Pain Relief center and get to know Dr. Elsey and our friendly staff.  We frequently work with people who have been involved in an accident and we can help you through the stressful process of identifying and beginning to heal from the damage that even a low impact accident can cause.