Car Accident Injury: The Long Term

If you’ve not received chiropractic care for your auto accident injury, you may be in line for a lifetime of chronic neck and back pain.  If you are currently suffering from any of the three common car accident injuries, then our Florissant and Hazelwood, Missouri Chiropractor can help.  Seek treatment as soon as you can, in other words, immediately following your car accident, come see us.  The earlier the treatment, the better chiropractic care we can provide and we help speed up the recovery process of an accident-related injury.

Here are the three types of car accident injuries that are most common:

  1. Muscle Stiffness.  If your muscles are stiff, sore and tight, then you are suffering from one of the most common car accident injuries.  Your muscles may have been stretched beyond their normal motion causing additional stress and even locking them creating tension within the joints.  We can apply techniques such as physical therapy that can help ease the locked up tension and boost internal healing for the areas of focused pain.
  2. Whiplash.  This is a common injury and can occur even at a low mile per hour impact.  We’ve written specific posts in the past that discuss this subject in more detail.  However, to simplify the details, whiplash occurs when an impact cause the neck to “whip” backwards and forwards.  The cervical spine can misalign which can cause migraines and headaches.  You may have a difficult time resting or sleeping, however, a good dose of chiropractic adjustments can correct any type of misalignment that may be causing the pain.
  3. Herniated disc.  If a disc ever moves out of it’s normal position, it can compress nerves that are close by which triggers sensations of pain.  This can cause extreme pain if it compresses the sciatic nerve in your lower back.  Sciatica is a condition which is a common low back pain and radiates in the legs and buttocks.  With chiropractic adjustments you can be relieved from this lower back pain and get back on your feet in no time!

If you are looking to get relief from a car accident injury, whiplash, or any neck pain related to an auto accident or sports injury, then contact Dr. Adam Elsey, a chiropractor in Florissant and Hazelwood, Missouri.  Dr. Adam Elsey is experienced with treating many types of car related injuries and musculoskeletal pain.  Call Dr. Elsey at (314) 731-4201