Basketball and Chiropractors

While you are watching basketball this month remember that your chiropractor can help with sports related health!  The benefits of regular chiropractic work can be shown in the way it helps pro sports teams, both in addressing injuries and preventative maintenance.  The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress reported how pro-basketball performance was enhanced, including both endurance and speed, with chiropractic care.

Being proactive with chiropractic care can prevent injuries, especially the kind that we see crop up in many different sports.  The joints are an area that tends to be injury prone, the ankles see a lot of wear and tear.  Because of the types of movements in sports, the quick stop, rapid turn, or jumping and landing, often ankle sprain or strain can occur.  Your ankles and knees can be damaged with sudden twisting motions and can be worn down by extended use, particularly if the muscles supporting the joints aren’t balanced or aren’t strong.  Building up the muscles around these joints can help to keep them safer during sports and daily activities.

If you have ever experienced shin splints you are familiar with the pain and irritation they bring, though they can be from a variety of sources, having regular chiropractic care can help you avoid this type of injury.  The physical activity in sports can also put your tendons and muscles at risk for being damaged or torn, achilles tendonitis is an overstrain that can occur with running or pushing rapidly off the ground.  Muscles such as the hamstring can be strained with rapid accelerations.  Properly warming up will help to prevent these things, if your muscles are warm and loose you are less at risk than muscles that are cold and tight.

Poor posture often translates to back and neck pain because you are putting pressure on the wrong parts of your body.  This becomes a much more dangerous thing when you are engaged in sports.  Learning the proper form and how to correctly support yourself for working out or engaging in sports can help to prevent many injuries.  Correcting poor posture with help from a chiropractor can translate to better form on and off the field, ask your chiropractor about specific sports related tips to help keep you safe in the game.

Eating property to provide the nutrients necessary for your body will help to keep everything strong and healthy.  Working out to create balanced strength in your body will keep you safer, if you don’t train your muscles in a balanced way they can begin to pull parts of your body out of alignment.  Strengthening your body as a whole will serve to protect your body instead of putting additional strain on vulnerable areas.

Optimize your performance by keeping your spine aligned, allowing your system to send the signals it needs to send efficiently.  Our office can help, whether you are a pro athlete or a parent getting ready to tackle all the demands of basketball camp, give us a call!