A Pandemic Filled with Accidents: The Rise in Distracted Driving

Watch out! Distracted driving is the most prevalent causes of car accidents and subsequent injuries and deaths in the United States. Since the beginning of cell phone usage, cases of car accidents caused by distracted driving have been on the rise, increasing even more as smartphones and texting capabilities became more widely available. While having this technology at the tips of your fingers is a wonderful thing, it can have some serious side effects when used irresponsibly.

Driving Distracted

Distracted driving is something that almost everyone who owns a smartphone has done at some point or another. It’s something that everyone realizes is bad and dangerous, but sometimes the temptation of responding to that text, tweet, snap, or DM is too strong, and you just can’t stop yourself even though you know the danger. Sometimes it escapes us that every text you read at 55 mph is like driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. It has been proven in many studies that people are not very good at multitasking and multitasking while going incredibly fast is a recipe for disaster.

Pandemic Processes

As the pandemic arose, less drivers overall were on the road as people began working from home and avoiding crowded places. While this helped to decrease some occurrences of accidents, the drivers that remained on the road tended to be more distracted than pre-pandemic surveys, according to Distinguished.com. This rise of around 8% means that there is a notable increase in drivers who are distracted which poses a major danger for all who travel by road.

Even though there are fewer drivers, the rise in distracted drivers makes the road a more dangerous place to travel than it was a few years ago. As you are traveling, try not to be a part of the issue, put the phone down and inform people that you are driving and that if they need you, you will prefer a call instead of a text. Also, if you really need to text someone back, find the nearest place you can to pull off and text safely. On the other side of this, always stay alert and aware of the drivers around you to ensure they are behaving safely. If they seem to be distracted and driving erratically, blow your horn or try to get their attention some other safe way to ensure they are no longer driving unsafely.

Seeking Treatment

If you are the victim of an accident due to distracted driving and experienced an injury, first, seek emergency medical treatment to ensure your injury is treated and is not more serious than it appears. Next, if you are suffering pain or stiffness that seems to dwell, you should contact your doctor or chiropractor for future steps, as sometimes crash related injuries need the help of a professional to heal fully. Always listen to your body and do not ignore signs that you still need treatment as it could save you a lot of pain and worry in the future.

Final Thoughts

As you are driving in these pandemic times, be sure to stay safe and put your phone down when on the road. You should also encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same in order to create a safer driving environment for everyone. Finally, if you are involved in a car accident for any reason and need treatment for whiplash, spinal injuries, or general pain and stiffness, give your chiropractor a call. If you need a chiropractor, call North County Pain Relief for a free consultation and more information.