Monthly Archives: May 2021

Crash Report: The Mechanisms of Injury

Crashing is something that everyone (except crash-test dummies) is trying to avoid for obvious reasons- crashes are expensive, people can get hurt, and the potential for long term injury and psychological harm is present especially for major crashes. As with many things, the best way to avoid injury is to try to avoid crashing, and …

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Whiplash and its Lesser-Known Symptoms

Car crashes, no matter what caused them, tend to result in relatively quick collisions. The amount of force the body is subjected to during a standard crash is far higher than anything one would encounter in everyday life, and this poses a risk for injury. One of the more common injuries from modern car crashes …

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Collisions: More Than Just a Metaphorical Headache

  While car crashes can be a legal, financial, or insurance headache, the fact that even mild car crashes can result in head injuries does not receive enough attention. Head injuries are one of the most feared wounds as we go through life as they can majorly impact the quality of life of victims even …

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