Monthly Archives: November 2020

History of Chiropractic

  Have you ever wondered how chiropractic became a profession, who discovered it, and when it began? Sometimes learning about something you enjoy or something that makes you feel better can help you have a better appreciation for the professionals who take their time to care for people like you. The origins of chiropractic care …

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Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids and Teens

Now that the school year is well on its way, kids and teens are enjoying spending their time playing sports. Sports can bring joy and happiness to kids and teens not only because they are participating in something they love, but they also get to spend a little extra time with their friends. However, sports …

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Muscle Spasms

  Have you ever been on the verge of falling asleep when a part of your body begins to twitch? Or have you ever just been going about your day and your eyelid starts to twitch? These uncomfortable twitches you are experiencing are called muscle spasms. Most people experience muscle spasms at least once in …

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